Terms & Conditions

The Terms and Conditions below apply to all works carried out by China Repair, David Battams.

1. The Work

I will always carry out restoration work agreed, either written or verbally, to the very best of my abilities at all times, my priority is always giving the very best quality of work at all times.
While I will always endeavour to carry out the work with reasonable care and skill, no responsibility shall be undertaken to that effect and I shall in no circumstances be liable to the Client for any loss, damage or destruction of the object, however caused.
All work is guaranteed for appearance not for function or structure.
On bringing in or sending items and instructing me, the Restorer, to commence any works, Clients must supply me their full contact details, these being Name, Address and Phone Number, and the restorer should be updated if they alter during the repair, all details are stored securely and can only be used by me (the restorer), and no one else, Clients details are never shared and are sole kept as an alternative method or reaching the Client should emails or phone numbers change and the Restorer not be informed.

2. The Quotation

Due to the complex nature of the work involved means that is some cases additional problems may be discovered once work has begun, maybe something hidden under old restoration, or just not apparent on initial inspection due to location of damage.
Where a Quotation has been given such Quotation is open for acceptance by the Client for a period of two months failing which it may at the sole discretion of the Restorer be revised.
If there is a cost increase of more that 10% on the original estimate I will always notify the Client and await further instructions before proceeding further.
The client will be entitled to withdraw the object on payment for the work already done. For the same reason, any time quotations or guidelines can only be given as an indication. I cannot guarantee completion by a given date, as the well being of the object and the quality of the final repair is always my given prime concern, and I never give guessed completion times as its not possible to know how long any piece will really take.

3. Payment

Payment is due on completion or collection of the object unless otherwise agreed in advance. In some cases e.g. half the estimate may be required in advance of any work proceeding, with the remaining balance paid prior to the item being returned to the client.
Although quotations can be given free of charge the Client will be responsible for any carriage/postal/packing fees incurred to get the object to/from my premises, and in cases where items are posted for a cost of repair and the client decides not to proceed, a handling charge will be made for the time taken to repack, drive into town, queue up at the Post Office and return the item.
I reserve the right to retain all objects deposited until all outstanding sums have been paid. If any charges remain unpaid for a period of three months from issue of the invoice I reserve the right (after giving 14 days notice to the client) to sell the relevant object to recover any costs.
If payment is not received within 14 days of the due date, interest may be charged from time to time until payment is received.

4. Insurance whilst in carriage or onsite.

Because many works of art are unstable and/or unsound the object remains at the entire risk of the Client at all times.
It is therefore the Clients responsibility to insure the object for such sums and such risks as the Client shall think fit and no insurance shall be taken out by the Restorer.
For obvious reasons if any damage occurs to the item in the post either before or after restoration, the restorer will not be liable, so insured post is advised as any further work will be charged for.

5. Ongoing Care by the Client

The client is advised to follow any written guidelines I may issue for the care and treatment of an object after I have worked on it. If these guidelines are not followed then the appearance of the object may deteriorate. Any restored object is not meant for use and is only suitable for display. The adhesives and pigments used may be toxic and could contaminate any food put on them.
Once items have been collected/returned the restorer can accept no responsibility for the repairs, so the client must report any problems on immediately at the time of collection/inspection or within 24 hours in the case of items returned by post.

6. Delivery and Collection

It is the clients responsibility to deliver and collect the object to and from my premises, and if posted it is the clients responsibility to ensure its packed securely.
Items sent through carriers or post will be returned in the packaging they arrived in. I can accept no responsibility therefore for inadequate packing on the Clients part.
Any items send via the post should be sent packed in a manner safe enough for their return once restored.
If the packing is inadequate for the items safe return, I may use additional packing which may be charged for.
Any restored items send through the post or collected must be inspected immediately upon receipt.
I will not be liable for any faults or adjustments required if not reported within 24 hours of receipt of the item and will not be liable for any damage caused whilst in the post.

It is the responsibility of the client at all times to ensure that I have their full and correct contact details, any change of phone number or email address must be passed on to the restorer, in cases where the client has not been contactable for more than 4 weeks, I reserve the right to make arrangements to dispose of the item/s at my discretion.

After 30 days of notification of completion I reserve the right to charge a fee for storage and further expenses of up to £1 per day.
After a further three months I reserve the right to dispose of the object as I think fit.

I can accept no responsibility therefore for inadequate packing on the Clients part. It is the clients responsibility to deliver and collect the object to and from my premises.

7. Copyright

I retain the copyright in all emails, reports drawings or photographs prepared which may not be reproduced in whole or part without my consent which may be given on terms or declined with or without reason.
This Agreement is governed by the provisions of English law.

David Battams